Financing for Business Projects

Microcredit at Microcrédit Montréal allows you to start, develop, or consolidate your entrepreneurial project, whether for-profit or socially-driven. The financing that we offer comes directly from the investments of local individuals and organizations who have the well-being of the community and the socio-economic development of Montreal at heart.

  • Pre-start-up loan of up to $ 2,000 
  • A direct loan of up to $ 20,000 
  • A bridge loan of up to $ 50,000  (for non-profits or established organizations)
  • Support and personalized follow up
  • Technical skills and coaching

Who is eligible?

  • Entrepreneurs excluded from traditional lending institutions or with modest means
  • Non-profit or social economy organization
  • The enterprise is located on the Island of Montreal
  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident, accepted refugee
  • *Please note that we don’t offer financing to purchase a franchise.

Direct Loans

  • Loans between $500 and $20,000 that can serve for the pre-start-up, start-up, expansion or consolidation of an enterprise or social organization
  • Interest rate of 10% per year
  • Reimbursement over a maximum  term of 3 years
  • Regular follow-up from Microcrédit Montréal
  • Free personalized coaching from a network of professionals and volunteers

Bridge Loans

Up to $50,000 primarily for use by cultural organizations, social enterprises, non-profits, and cooperatives.

  • 10% interest per year
  • 1% administrative fee
  • Maximum 3 months reimbursement period
  • Collateral required
  • Regular follow-up from Microcrédit Montréal


The partnership between Microcrédit Montréal and Desjardins was established in 2012 with the goal of allowing micro-entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, cooperatives, and non-profits, excluded from traditional financing networks having an account with Desjardins, to have access to financing and coaching. Priority is given to immigrants who wish to create or develop an enterprise in Montréal without a credit history. Desjardins supports  Microcrédit Montréal through a contribution to the capitalization fund that fuels loans, and through financial assistance for the organization to follow-up with and provide technical support to its clients.

How to submit a financing request

  1. Attend an information session
  2. Schedule a meeting with one of our credit counsellors who will analyze your project and accompany you throughout the entire process.
  3. Please fill out this form to attend an information session.
  4. Respond to the following question to ensure that you are not a robot!

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 Microcrédit Montréal  is more than just a loan. Thanks to the great team, in addition to the financing, I felt supported and guided.

Sarah Bonafos

Entrepreneur, Cocottemedia


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