Thanks to our loan program for professional immigrants, internationally trained professionals and tradespeople (ex: architects, dentists, doctors, electricians, engineers, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) can obtain funding up to 10,000 $ to accelerate the recognition of their skills and work in their field in Quebec.


  • Short-term course for skills upgrading (less than two years);
  • Language training (in connection with the career project);
  • Purchase of training material;
  • Qualification assessment;
  • Examinations required by a regulatory body (ex: professional order);
  • Membership fees;
  • Other related expenses.

Who is eligible?

  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident or accepted refugee
  • Immigrant in Canada for 10 years or less
  • Has training and work experience outside Canada
  • Wishes to work in the same professional field or a related field in Canada as in the country of origin
  • Needs an accreditation or complementary training to access the Quebec job market
  • Has a basic level of language proficiency (English or French)
  • Have a career plan and know the different steps of upgrading required to access your profession

Direct Loans

  • Loan ranging from $500 to $10,000;
  • Solidarity contribution: 4% per year;
  • Administration fee: 1% of the authorized loan amount;
  • Repayment period: 4 years maximum
  • No penalty applicable in the case of early repayment;
  • Accept a regular follow-up by ACEM Microcrédit Montréal

Loan Disbursement

Generally, the loan is granted to the service provider (ex. university, professional order, etc). Loan disbursement can be done progressively according to the steps in the accreditation or training processes of the individual.

How to submit a financing request

  1. Schedule an appointment with one of our advisors who will analyze your project and accompany you throughout the process.
  2. Fill out the information form below:

Ready to get started?

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Thank you for your valuable support and accompaniment during the acquisition of my permit to practice law in Québec. Aside from the financial aspect, I had the impression, at each of our meetings and throughout the entire process, that I was speaking with exceptional human beings. The help was invaluable!
Joseph Ngambi

Lawyer from France

Microcrédit Montréal gave me the opportunity to follow my dream and continue doing what I love. With an incredible team, I felt welcomed even though I was not in my own country. I thank you for all of your support.

Andrea Tenorio

Physiotherapist from Brazil

Since the start of my professional recognition process and job search, my life did a 180. My dream became my daily reality. A huge THANK YOU to the team at Microcrédit Montréal for standing with me from the moment I needed financial and moral support.

German Godoy Cardenas

Civil engineer, City of Montréal


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