Montréal, March 8, 2019 – ACEM Microcrédit MTL, a member of Quebec’s MicroEntreprendre network, is celebrating International Women’s Day by launching a new program, Seizing the opportunity – you and your potential, in partnership with the Canadian Women’s Foundation spanning the next four years.

Enriched entrepreneurship curriculum

This new bilingual initiative will give women, especially those from marginalized, immigrant and racialized communities, the opportunity to develop new skills through entrepreneurship. The participants’ learning path will include financial literacy, time management, turning an idea into a business plan and then to implement it.

‘‘Turning an idea into a thriving small business is often a long and rocky road. This program will help women explore their entrepreneurial potential, create and develop a network and reinforce their leadership, so they can achieve their full potential’’ explained Indu Krishnamurthy, Executive Director of ACEM Microcrédit MTL.

Three-part program 

Training to explore her entrepreneurial potential and acquire basic competencies focused on assertiveness, resilience, public speaking and leadership skills. Coaching to guide the participant in the achievement of her personal and professional goals, take charge of her future and attain financial independence. Financing to test her product or service and start up her business when she is ready to do so.

A win-win partnership

 We are very pleased to announce our partnership with ACEM Microcrédit MTL, an acknowledged expert in microcredit in Quebec. We firmly believe that it will be able to give women the support they need to take their future in hand and achieve financial independence’’ declared Anuradha Dugal, Director of Community Initiatives and Public Policy at the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

ACEM Microcrédit MTL

Since 1990, drawing on a capitalization fund of $2.2 million, ACEM Microcrédit MTL has lent $5 million and helped create and maintain over 3,000 jobs. Three-quarters (75%) of these loans have been given to people from diverse backgrounds, and women represent 60% of its clientele. The loans have created a leverage effect of $18 million in the local economy.

Canadian Women’s Foundation

The Canadian Women’s Foundation funds programs across Canada, prioritizing communities where needs are greatest. These programs address four pressing issues: violence against women and girls, women’s economic development, empowerment of girls and access to leadership. The Canadian Women’s Foundation works for systemic change by bringing together community organizations across the country and inviting them to share knowledge and solutions.

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