A socially responsible investment!

Microcredit is possible because of solidarity. The community lends to the community. ACEM Microcredit Montreal is a local actor that mobilizes individuals, businesses, organizations, and financial partners who want to contribute positively to the social and economic development of Montreal through the injection of capital. With their financial capital, community investors see proof that socially responsible investments can act as a tool to improve society and create macroeconomic effects.

This capital is dedicated to the exclusive use of marginalized and excluded individuals without access to traditional sources of financing who have the capacity to develop and manage an entrepreneurial project. We guarantee that 100% of the amounts invested are allocated to entrepreneurs through our capital fund.

Why invest in ACEM Microcrédit Montréal?

  • To make a socially responsible investment
  • To improve the social conditions of vulnerable populations
  • To finance business projects and create jobs for the community
  • To take part in the creation of a more just and sustainable society
  • To promote microcredit as a tool for community development in the economy
  • To benefit from a financial and social return on investment

ACEM Microcrédit Montréal in Numbers

>5 million

in loans since 1990

>18 million

of a lever effect in the economy

66 %

of enterprises in business after 5 years


jobs created and maintained


What our investors are saying

My contribution to that of other investors, combined with the work of ACEM’s competent staff and volunteers, represents a risk-free local investment and an outstanding opportunity for people interested in socially responsible investing.
Brenda Plant


The person is at the heart of ACEM’s work, which includes listening attentively, providing support, and following up to maximize the chances of success. This is an important way to fight poverty in Montréal. That’s why I chose to support ACEM Microcrédit Montréal’s work by becoming an investor.
Diana Gibbs


I was looking for a microcredit organization where my money could help people while also reaping a part of the profits. ACEM Microcrédit Montréal is a determined organization that assists future entrepreneurs in making their visions a reality. I see myself in these people!
François Aitsalem (A.K.A Harmony)


I feel that the funds that I have invested give people the opportunity to be creative, to acquire professional capabilities, and to create jobs. ACEM Microcrédit Montréal also works with professional immigrants in their process of credential recognition, a project that I am proud to support!

Donor and Investor


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