Support and financing for women entrepreneurs

Microcredit Montreal's female entrepreneurship training is intended for people who identify as a woman. Women wishing to create their own business and structure their activity as a self-employed worker can benefit from our training and get the opportunity to explore their entrepreneurial potential to start a business.

Details of our women’s entrepreneurship training:

  • Online training by Zoom
  • Course duration: 2 hours, twice a week for 14 weeks
  • Registration fee: $40
  • Group course and individual support
  • Training offered in French and English

Start a business with courses adapted to your needs.

Starting a business and becoming self-employed

Goals during the training program for women entrepreneurs
  • Explore your entrepreneurial potential
  • Become aware of your strengths and potential
  • Achieve financial autonomy
  • Create your own business
  • Become self-employed/entrepreneur

Particularites of Microcredit Montreal’s training program:
  • Creation of an action plan to progress with confidence
  • Ongoing collective and individual support
  • Possibility to apply for a loan ($) to test your business idea

Aspects covered during the training

  • Business project
  • Market research
  • Marketing and sales
  • Resource planning
  • Financial planning
  • Personal growth: self-awareness, leadership skills, managing personal finances, time and priorities

Training and personalized support for women

To be eligible, you must:
  • Have a business idea
  • Reside in the greater Montreal area
  • All legal statuses are welcome: Canadian citizen, permanent resident, temporary worker (open and closed), accepted refugee and asylum seeker


Our commitment to you goes beyond your training with us. Support is offered throughout your entrepreneurial journey by assisting you with marketing opportunities, access to financing, as well as specialized workshops.

Access and funding section: Discover the loans available and discuss them with your trainer.

Help and support for women entrepreneurs

A loan for the creation of your business


You will also have the possibility of obtaining microcredit to test and market your products and services.

Exemples : Participation in a market or trade fair, design of a product prototype.